We're interested in converting from vertical to roller blinds.

Many tenants have asked if they can upgrade their window coverings. The property owners have agreed to cover installation of the new blinds, if tenants cover the cost of the upgraded equipment at $30/month starting after the installation is completed. Generally we are able to complete the work, but some units may require a second day. Because of this we do not start installations on a Friday. In-unit measurements must be taken to order the custom blinds. Lead time is 2-3 weeks.

  1. We will measure all your windows and order the blinds, which take about 2-3 weeks to deliver to the property.
  2. A two day window that works for you and our team will be scheduled. You do not have to be home, but our team will need to focus on the work without assistance.
  3. First we’ll take down and remove the existing vertical blinds.
  4. We’ll repair existing holes/paint if needed for the new mounts.
  5. New shades are mounted and adjusted.
  6. Your rent portal will reflect an additional charge of $30/month, and falls under the same due date and terms as your regular rent.

If you are interested in moving forward with this upgrade, please submit a maintenance ticket through your portal mentioning that you understand the process and agree to the charge. You can also email us at contact@skylinepmg.com with the same details. We’ll send a short lease addendum for you to sign and get the process started!