01. I'd like to Apply for one of your units, what's next?

Once you find a unit that seems like a good fit, here are the next steps – each one only takes us about 24 hours:

  1. Submit your application and we will review it right away. If it looks like you’d be a good fit for our community, we will reach out and offer you a Holding Deposit Agreement. Applications can be found on vacancy page: skylinepmg.com/vacant-units
    • For a quicker review, ensure all potential residents 18+ apply, including co-signers.
    • Provide legible attachments of paycheck stubs, photo ID, and other requested information. If you just started a new job or are retired an offer letter, or bank balance is acceptable. 1099 income can be verified with deposit statements along with screenshots of period payments (think Uber, DoorDash, etc.).
    • You’re also welcome to add any credit checks you have run on your own. (Although, we will run our own just before offering a lease.)
  2. The Holding Deposit Agreement is a document that requires your signature and a small good faith deposit. The allows us to hold the apartment for you, take down marketing for the unit, and not entertain any other offers. The deposit money you pay is not extra money, it’s just EARLY money.
    • The deposit will be applied towards your Security Deposit at move-in if we move forward and sign a lease.
    • If we determine that we’re not the right fit (generally based on move-in date, pets, background check) we will refund your holding deposit in full.
    • During our review, if you decide to not rent with us we will refund the deposit less our loss for turning down other parties to focus on you only. Generally this would be 1/30th of the months rent per lost day or just the paperwork fee, etc.
  3. We will take this dedicated time to verify the information on your application, and goes quicker if your contacts are expecting our calls. Depending on your city/county we’ll consider your credit check, employment and rental history, references calls, and sometimes get Owner input. Don’t worry if any of these have blemishes, great tenants come with a variety of backgrounds.
  4. If we decide to move forward we’ll send you a lease. t the time of signing the balance of the security deposit is due, the first rent payment will be due before you are scheduled to receive keys. (yay!) We’re happy to arrange mid month move-ins and prorate rent. Otherwise, rent is regularly due on the first of the month.

All-in-all, the whole process should take less than one week. Please call with any questions about the process at any point, we’re happy to help!

02. Does your property allow Assistance/Emotional Support Animals?

All of our properties adhere to local and state ordinances related to service and support animals. To ensure the rights of our Tenants and Owners are protected, we suggest the following steps:

  • Please review the ‘Fact Sheet: Rights to Assistance Animals in Housing’ (web|pdf)
  • If applicable, prepare a ‘Letter for Companion Animal’ (word|pdf) or a something similar from your doctor/professional/etc.
  • Send the form to contact@skylinepmg.com or attach it with yur application.
  • After move-in, you can also open a maintenance ticket in the Tenant Portal.
  • We’ll prepare the appropriate paperwork and send back to e-sign.

If you’d like to get a non-assistance pet, please contact us as all of our properties have different policies.

03. How do I conect my Utilities?

For most of our properties, Citizen Home Solutions, a concierge utility connection service will be in touch to guide you through the process. Citizen will contact you to assist with setting up your water, gas, electricity, phone service, cable/satellite TV, and security monitoring. We strongly recommend that you work directly with Citizen for these connections, as they are familiar with our requirements for satellite dish and cable line placement, and not following these guidelines could result in additional charges on move-out.

If they don’t reach out, you can request assistance here: skylinepmg.com/0/utilities

We also offer a referral code for Xfinity that will provide a sign-up bonus: skylinepmg.com/0/xfinity