01. How do I access the Owner Portal?

We rely on AppFolio’s software to manage your property:

02. Can I see a sample of your Management Agreement, Leases, and other documents?

Potential management clients can review a sample of our documents, including:

  • Owner Documents (about us, contracts, new property checklist)
  • Tenant Documents (leases, change of management notices, background checks)
  • Housing Laws (rent control, tenant handbooks)

All files are accessible on our shared drive here: skylinepmg.com/0/clientfiles

03. Is my property rent controlled?

Nearly all rentals in California except for single family homes fall under California restrictions, while San Francisco has additional restrictions based on the year the property was built:

04. How are SF annual increases calculated?

San Francisco increases are tied to the CPI. Landlords are also allowed to recover certain expenses not directly related to the market rent using ‘pass-throughs’:

We manage this process for all managed units while serving tenants with our annual increases. Please find a sample of our paperwork here: skylinepmg.com/0/annualincrease

05. Can you provide a Tenant Verification for one of our Applicants?

Due to the liability of and housing protections around tenant information, we must follow this process when verifying past tenants:

  • Please email an authorization signed by the tenant, or send an email and CC the tenant so they can confirm approval.
  • Note that we will only confirm information provided by the tenant not offer our own opinion.
    • Dates of residency.
    • Starting and ending rent amounts.
    • If proper notice was provided prior to move-out.
    • Any late charge, NSF, or damage fees.
    • Details related to evictions or unlawful detainers will only be confirmed.
  • The request can be sent to: contact@skylinepmg.com

06. Questions related to 1099s and EOY reporting...

Why did I get a 1099 labeled ‘Corporate Property’?

  • Your building may have earned interest on Security Deposits, because we can’t attribute this to any one Tenant its applied to the property as a whole.

Can I still update the 1099 contact information?

  • Please let us know right away if the EIN/SSN or any other information needs to be updated. We generally submit to the IRS just before the 31st to comply with IRS guidelines.

How is an owner’s 1099 total calculated?

  • Owner 1099s generated from AppFolio report total gross income in the tax year per owner.  By default, this equals the net change in all income GL accounts and other income GL accounts subject to 1099 reporting, plus the net change in the prepaid rent account. (Application Fees are also not counted because they are paid directly to the management company.)

Why is prepaid rent included in an owner’s 1099 total?

  • The IRS considers prepaid rent a taxable account so to comply with this rule AppFolio includes the net change in your key prepayment account in owners’ 1099 totals. As such, it must be reported in the tax year it was received, not the year it was meant to pay rent for (specifically January 1st). For more information, please visit this IRS publication regarding Advanced Rent.  If you have more questions about this or don’t think you need to include prepaid rent, please consult a CPA or tax specialist as AppFolio representatives are not able to provide any tax or legal advice.

The Owner’s 1099 total not match the total income from all of the Owner Statements?

  • These amounts will not necessarily match and the Owner Statement is not a recommended year-end report to send along with a 1099.  The Owner Statement shows cash in and cash out of the key operating cash account, is affected by suppression and GL accounts that may be marked as exempt from 1099 reporting.

The amount of income on the report doesn’t total how much you deposited into my checking account?

  • There are other balances to consider at the beginning and end of the year. For instance, if your Reserves was not full in January, we would hold money until it was, reducing your net deposit. Also, a deposit may have been made before/after the cut off date of the filing year. The income reports are accurate – you just have to consider a part of the funds are in your Trust Account with us.

Does this include revenue from Section 8 and other voucher programs?

  • Most voucher programs, especially government ones will require the Owner’s tax information when being approved with the organization. They will provide a 1099 at the end of the year, which we will use to remove the same amount of income from the 1099 we provide for that specific Tenant’s unit. The amount of their 1099 should equal the total amount of the ‘RENT- Subsidized’ line on your reports. (Your initial 1099 for review may not reflect this reduction, but the final 1099 will.)

07. I'd like to track (and get reimbursed) for items I paid for out of pocket for my property...

If you’d like items that you paid for to be track on your monthly/annual statements, please complete and submit the form below.

  • We will include any items you put on the form, but will not verify any of the information.
  • If you have paid a vendor more than $600 annually other than by CC (including what we have paid on your behalf) then we should send them a 1099.
  • Receipts are not always necessary, but good for our records.
  • If you want reimbursed, please include the proper information.
  • Requests must come from an Owner on file.

Excel form for auto-calculations (please save as PDF before sending to us): Paid-by-Owner.xls

PDF version to be handwritten and scanned to PDF or mailed: Paid-by-Owner.pdf