01. I'm new! What do I need to know?

Welcome! Here’s the most important items to ensure a successful move-in. We’re happy to mail any of these you you if you prefer a printed version.:

  • Your lease references the Tenant Handbook, ensure to read it thoroughly as it is an extension of the lease: skylinepmg.com/0/tenanthandbook
  • State Law requires us to provide you access to the following publication, please review it: Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home
  • Ensure to submit your inspection sheet to protect you at move-out. We need it within 7 days of move-in to be valid: skylinepmg.com/0/inspectionform
  • Review your lease to see what utilities you need to move to your name (hint: its most likely PGE) we will need to assess a fee of $25/month for each time we need to pay utilities on your behalf.
  • Access your tenant portal here to setup ACH rent payments, and submit maintenance requests: skylinepmg.appfolio.com
  • Review the other FAQs if you have additional questions, or email us: contact@skylinepmg.com

02. How do I access the Tenant Portal?

We rely on AppFolio’s software to manage your property:

03. One of our roommates wants to move-out, but we want to stay.

All roommates are responsible for the lease terms until there is an official agreement by all parties. Generally, the process is as follows:

  • We can only inspect a unit and return Security Deposit funds when ALL tenants are moving out. The remaining tenants should reimburse the outgoing tenant(s) for the Security Deposit less any anticipated damage charges. (Unfortunately, we can not do any type of walk through or estimate of charges.)
  • The funds already held on file will always be held for the legal remaining residents of the unit.
  • All roommates need to agree on the terms of departure, including move-out date, which items will stay and go from the unit, if any Security Deposit will be returned, how the final rent payment will be made.
  • SkylinePMG will draft a Change of Occupancy agreement with these terms, and will have all parties sign it, officially changing the liability of the lease.
  • There will be a $250 administrative fee charged to the unit to prepare the lease change. If you add a new tenant within three months we will not assess another fee at that time.
  • NOTE: if the lease is month-to-month and one tenant wants to give 30-day notice, the remaining tenants must either vacate at the same time or take over the full rent while looking for a new tenant. The fee will not be assessed until a new tenant is added to the lease.
  • To replace the outgoing tenant, please also see below: ‘We’d like to add a roommate/partner.’

To begin the process, email us at contact@skylinepmg.com detailing the items mentioned above. Ensure to CC all roommates.

04. We'd like to add a roommate/partner.

Assuming you are still in line with the occupancy requirements of your unit, its easy to add a new roommate:

  • Once you find a good match, have them complete an application at: skylinepmg.com/0/apply. Ensure they add the unit address when prompted on the application as it ill not auto populate for Roommate changes. They will need to pay the application fee, generally around $50.
  • We’ll review the application and ensure they meet the same requirements as anyone that applies for our units.
  • Once everything looks good all tenants will receive a Change of Occupancy agreement and a copy of the original lease, essentially adding the new tenant to the lease.
  • There will be a $250 administrative fee charged to the unit to prepare the lease change. If you paid this fee for an outgoing tenant less than three months prior we will not assess the fee again.
  • The amount each tenant pays is determined by the tenants based on room size, parking, etc. In rent controlled areas there are very strict rules about how to split the amounts.
  • Please note that we do not allow sub-leasing as all tenants will have equal rights and responsibilities under the lease. Some “Master Tenant” rules will apply in rent controlled areas.

To begin the process, email us once you know an application will be completed at contact@skylinepmg.com and ensure to CC all roommates.

05. How can I find the most recent Tenant Handbook and Community Guidelines?

Please open the folder below to find the recent PDF version of your handbook. You can also request a print version by sending us an email, calling, or putting a note with your rent check.

06. What happens if we need to break our lease?

We understand unforeseen circumstances may require you to move off property earlier than expected. We will work directly with the Owner to find a solution as quickly and cheaply as possible. Here’s the process to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • Tenants are still obligated to pay all rent payments due in the lease until the next steps are completed, including a signed agreement.
  • A replacement Tenant can be found to either take over the remainder of the lease, or start a new 1 year lease (at the discretion of Management). Once you find a Tenant, they must apply here: skylinepmg.com/0/apply
  • For an additional fee (approx. $3,000) we can offer our Leasing Service to help expedite the search by listing the unit internet wide, pre-screen the prospects, and complete the showings. (This is the same fee we charge Owners.)
  • We are not able to show an occupied unit, but we can coordinate with you to do the showings to speed up the process. It is generally easier to find a tenant when the unit is vacant and cleaned for showings.
  • Regardless of who finds the Tenant, we do charge a fee (usually $500) to complete the new paperwork, lease, unit inspections, and finalize the change.
  • In the event where you must leave without having a new tenant found, we can pre-charge your rent and leasing service charges, then refund the double rent once the tenant is placed, and you are relieved from your contract.
  • Lastly, California Law protects you from being double charged as soon as the new Tenant moves in, however if the unit is rented at a lower amount than on your lease you may be liable to cover the difference until the lease is fulfilled.

07. Does our property allow Assistance/Emotional Support Animals?

All of our properties adhere to local and state ordinances related to service and support animals. To ensure the rights of our Tenants and Owners are protected, we suggest the following steps:

  • Please review the ‘Fact Sheet: Rights to Assistance Animals in Housing’ (web|pdf)
  • If applicable, prepare a ‘Letter for Companion Animal’ (word|pdf) or a something similar from your doctor/professional/etc.
  • Send the form to contact@skylinepmg.com or open a maintenance ticket in the Tenant Portal.
  • We’ll prepare the appropriate paperwork and send back to e-sign.

If you’d like to get a non-assistance pet, please contact us as all of our properties have different policies.

08. Should I withhold rent if a maintenance request is not completed?

If you have a pending request, please kindly remind us and we will nudge the Owner. For habitability issues such as no heat or running water and security issues we will take the ticket over using our own vendor and bill to the Owner. The ‘Repair and Deduct’ process is sometimes used by Tenants when their maintenance requests are not completed in a timely fashion. However, if not used correctly you may incur late fees and even an eviction notice. The law only recognizes habitability issues, not minor inconveniences or damage caused by Tenants.

We recommend you review this third party article, and talking to a legal representative prior to withholding rent:

Nolo: California Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent or “Repair and Deduct”

09. I'm interested in installing an electrical vehicle charge on site

How California Tenants Are Charging Electric Vehicles at Home




The landlord of any residential lease agreement created, extended or renewed on or after July 1, 2015 is required to approve a tenant’s written request to install an electric vehicle charging station at the tenant’s allotted parking space.

The tenant’s request to install an electric vehicle charging station is to be in writing and acknowledge the tenant’s consent to:

comply with the landlord’s requirements for installation, use, maintenance and removal of the charging station and infrastructure;
complete a financial analysis and scope of work for the installation of the charging station and infrastructure;
provide a written description of proposed improvements to the property, consistent with guidelines published by the Office of Planning and Research; and
pay as part of the rent all costs associated with the installation, use and maintenance of the charging station and infrastructure.
Electric vehicle charging stations and any improvements are to comply with all local, state and federal law, zoning requirements, land use requirements and covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs).

The landlord does not have to approve a tenant’s request to install an electric vehicle charging station if:

electric vehicle charging stations already exist for at least 10% of the tenant parking spaces;
parking is not provided to tenants at the property;
there are fewer than five parking spaces at the property; or
the property is subject to residential rent control.
The landlord is not required to provide an additional parking space to accommodate the tenant. If the newly constructed electric vehicle charging station becomes the tenant’s reserved parking space, the landlord is permitted to charge the tenant a monthly rental amount for the parking space.

The tenant is required to maintain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy, naming the landlord as an additional insured. The insurance coverage is to commence on the date of the landlord’s approval of construction, and last until the tenant forfeits possession of the property.

10. What are the insurance requirements for renting a unit?

Depending on when you moved in to one of our units, you may be required to carry Landlord Liability Insurance – review your lease agreement to verify. Please note this is different than Renter’s Insurance – which only covers your personal belongings. Your agent may be able to add this policy to your Renters Insurance for a small fee, or you can sign up for our generic service through the rent portal or by contacting us for $9.50 + $3 admin fee per month.

Please have us listed as “also insured” on the policy: SkylinePMG, Inc. PO Box 471450, San Francisco, CA 94147

For leases signed after July 1st, 2022 you may be auto enrolled in this policy until you have provided proof of another one.

11. Can you explain the different rent increase items on my notice?

Rent Increases notice for units covered by a rent control ordinance include many different charges authorized by local and stat governments. Here’s a description of some of those items:

San Francisco